The Clean Up Continues, Sat 14 May, 1pm

The Clean Up Continues, Saturday 14th May from 1pm.

We’re back in action at Brooksby’s Walk public toilets (next to Sol’s bike shop on Chatsworth Road) this Saturday 14th May, from 1pm – which is the day before the next market. There’s a lot to do, so please join in. We’ll have a pressure washer to give the place a good hosing down, and there will be plenty of sandpaper and varnish to get the woodwork shining. Please try to drag yourself and as many willing helpers along so that we can get the Ladies section (now Unisex!) into action, even if users have to flush with buckets at first.

There’s been a terrific response – three groups want to do pop-up Events in the Gents and everyone has been positive. Except the Council. We found out that on 28th April, they applied to themselves for planning permission to demolish the toilets and replace them with two flats and two shops. They still own the site (they haven’t sold it yet), but it would be a major blow to the revival of the market, result in two substandard residential properties and be a privatisation of space currently available as a public amenity if planning permission was granted. The deadline for objections to the planning application is 24th May, we’re hoping our local councillor will lend his support, and the Society is drafting an open letter to the Mayor of Hackney.

More images below…

Imagine a local wordsmith, sitting here doing a poetry reading.

Brooksby's Walk Toilets - crying out for an internal spiral staircase linked to the roof terrace.

Educating the local population.

Fritz Lang foot-pedal-operated hand drier, as featured in Metropolis, left to rot by the Council and rescued for restoration by the Clapton Improvement Society.

Some urinals in need of love and attention, before they can become flirting booths for Events in the Gents.

Basins need some work.

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toasty redhead
May 14, 2011 Reply

Right on!

May 29, 2011 Reply

Duchess of Hackney: "I should have bought him a six-pack of his favorite (sic) brew or given him the monetary equivalent".

Such largesse, and what a lovely way to improve people's lot. Aren't we lucky to have such people around in our community. Thank goodness everyone isn't so bitter, twisted and arrogant. Onwards and upwards Clapton.

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