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This is the online version of our petition to save Brooksby’s Walk Toilets.

Please sign it, and encourage others to do the same.

We the undersigned are dismayed at Hackney Council's plans to demolish the Brooksby's Walk public toilets and then privatise the site with a 3-storey development consisting of flats and shops. We support Clapton Improvement Society's plan to re-open the toilets as a public amenity, and say to the council…
“Don't Mess With Our Convenience!”


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Iain MacIntyre,

vikas malik,

hugh Rolo,
Go for it!

Belinda Yamagishi,

Adam Bernstein,

Dominic Rose,

Peter Thomas,

Fumio Tanga,
We have the right to pee!

David McCulloch,

kate anderson,
come on hackney council, with the born again sunday market there's surely never been a better time to re-open these loos.

Milan Simic,



Marco Curcio,



Phil Bitis,


kazumi nemoto,

Ciaran Kelly,
who walks past a block of flats and thinks "i may need that later"?

Ruth McGeough,
As a lover of the public lavatory, I feel we as a community should stand together and rejoice in the re-opening of this most basic meeting house. xx

Rebecca schiller,
As a local resident it is clear that the community is better served by reopening these toilets rather than creating a badly-designed retail unit. With the new chats worth road Market and increase foot traffic to the area toilets will improve the flow of people around the area and cater for the high proportion of young childrenand pregnant women in the area.

I believe the toilets also have beautiful period features which it would be short-sited of hackney planning office to allow to be destroyed.

Sarah Bates,

Maria Chalidze,
The toilets are much needed on Chatsworth road as toilets now that we have a market starting on Chatsworth road. Broadway Market are lobbying the council to build toilets which is no easy task. Lets save the council the future grief and expense by holding onto and re opening the existing toilets which are so well placed for the market and a great way of encouraging foot fall past the businesses at the top of the street.

People need toilets, esp. disabled people, people with children, & the elderly...in short all people in a decent society NEED public conveniences...there is an abominable lack these days, almost everywhere...personally I know of, & have signed, petitions covering areas from Inverness to Folkestone!...let's take pride in our Loos & use them as an example of the area they're in...such as in Biggar, I stopped driving to use the public Loos there, & was so impressed by their cleanliness & smartness that I actually went shopping on the high street & spent far too much money...*kerching* it makes sense to look after your Loos!

Lisa (disabled businesswoman & Mother)

Stephanie Chen,

Lisa Hallett,

Minna Orsimo,

Hazel Potter,
Toilet not "To Let" please!

Martin Kyran,

Peter Dickinson,

alys wardle,

kevin quigley,
just because you can do something doesn't mean to have too - -

local people's voice is the power -

Tomoko Sakurada,
Please do not demolish this historic toilet.

We don't need another flat on the road but we need the toilet!


save our toilets..............

Alex Lal,

The real asset of Hackney is its continental, artistic/bohemian vibe and this is what the council should be capitalising on. Hence any features that would keep its particular character should be preserved and promoted so that new people will move in or visit.

Andrew Miles,

Tracey Bendrien,


There are many unused shops on Chatsworth Road, what the road needs, especially with a burgoening market, is an operational public toilet.

Jane MacIntyre,
I am a local resident and urge the council to reconsider. The toilets are vital if the market, which is an important part of this community and local economy now, is to survive. I and other residents have pledged to maintain the toilets so that the onus will not be on the council. PLEASE DONT TAKE AWAY THIS VITAL LOCAL ASSET AND BEAUTIFUL BUILDING

Alice Morrissey,

Monica Blake,


Converting this interesting and well preserved building, replete with original features, into some thing as useless to the community as flats- and as superfluous as shops (Chatsworth road and lower clapton road are both packed with empty shop units- the only people with money to rent in the area are dreaded betting shops) would be a cultural crime.



melanie symonds,

Karen Byrne,

Janine Ellis,

louise goodison,
Seems crazy to be getting rid of public toilets just as the market is getting going. Long live pop ups and loos

Emma de Mornay Davies,
The local community around Chatsworth Road have worked hard to start up a regular market plus other exciting pop-up markets that encourage local business, bring trade to the area and also encourage creative events to take place. The public toilets are a great convenience to people visiting these local markets it would be sad to see hackney council demolish them and would seem as if they are not interested in supporting their local community.

Hazel Thomson,

Hannah Lamdin,
As a local mother with small child I can say it is already very difficult to find places in the area to go to the loo and it is not good having to rely on the goodwill of local cafes and pubs to let you use theirs.

We are looking forward to more cicilised times when there are open functioning loos with disabled access and baby changing.

We need more community facilities not more cramped housing stretching resources.

Sereen El-Jamal,


Carla Houston,

Jean-Gabriel Becker,
it would be a crime

jenny beardshall,

Colin O\'Brien,
These toilets were ignored by Hackney council for over 20 years and left to rot. As soon as they start being used by the community the council decides to develop the site. Now the market is operating on Sundays there is obviously a need for a toilet that the public can use. The last thing we need in this borough are badly designed sub standard flats & shops from which some anonymous developer will make mountains of money


Charlotte Barrow,
No to apartments! Yes to interesting developments!

L Nouibat,

Helen Prior,
The toilets are part of the local heritage and add character to the area as well as being extremely useful in a busy family friendly market place. We do not want modern shops and flats to make chatsworth road like every other bland high street. The people of Clapton are creative thinkers, and the area should reflect this.

Lauren Klee,

Bill Ambrose,
Piss ON

Asa Simonsson,

Ingrid Behic,

Elena Findley-de Regt,
There's enough characterless (not to say ugly) mixed shops and flats in Hackney - please leave this architecturally interesting and useful building.

Jan O\'Toole,
Please save our local loo!!!

kojo esssuman,

william beeston,

jo Thorpe,

Patricia McGeough,
Save our local lavs.... What with the new brilliant market, people need a place to relieve themselves after filling up on all the wonderful food and drink.

Hackney Council don't be a fool keep our loos

Alex Shipp,
wake up council and realise it's not all about you and planning. Be nice to your community.. You so money hungry it is horrible!

Anna Duffy,
Demolition of this resource seems like such a bad idea, especially with the Chatsworth Road market growing in popularity and success.


Alice O\'Hanlon,

jens marott,
How many flats do we need? More flats mean more people, means more toilets, where will people go?

simon aitken,

Jo Tissier,

Daniel Baker,

Alex Harrison,
Stop taking the piss!

Chris Bowler,
Local people are investing time and energy in helping to revitalise Chatsworth Market. Please help us Hackney council by supporting the reopening of these public toilets. We need them much more than more shops.

Nick Taylor,

Emy Manby,
Surely a useful loo for the shoppers on Saturday and Sunday. It makes sense keeping them going.

Alexis Keir,

MadeleIne Read Clarke,
We need public toilets to support the growing market

Nina pearlman,

Jennifer Staves,

Andrew Law,

Cllr Ian Rathbone,
Leabridge Ward councillors have always supported the re-opening of the toilets and have made a strong objection to the Council about its plans (which it did not consult us about)this week. The Chatsworth market needs thse toilets. As Patron of Wayside Community Centre, I can confirm the comment below from Jean John.

"We had people urinating at the side of our shop ever since we moved in. Recently they have gone further by doing their poo on our shutters by the side. I do believe that public conveniences are necessary for sanitation purposes especially on chatsworth Road. P l e a s e save this facility for common decency."

james brown,

Aoife Scannell,

Alison Whiteley,


simon le maistre,
There is a viable plan for promoting the toilets as an asset to the community so please leave them alone.

Heidi St Hill,

kate bagnall,

David Moynihan,
A great asset to the local market and community. There are enough empty shops on the road already - we don't need new ones built.


Michael Quinn,

Councillor Linda Kelly Leabridge Ward Councillor,
Sometimes people need to have a vision for the future, the Market will re-generate the area, and the toliets are needed to serve the community and the market's patrons. Should be an automatic consideration, without the need for petitions and upset.

Megan Cassar,


Mario Gaito,
why take something away from the community? do the council have money (to spare) to erect something else in it's place then?

leave it be, it can only grow to be a benefit and asset to the community.

Don Egginton,

Nazmeen Latif,
I am worried this will impact on the number of people coming from outside the local area. Not having access to bathroom facilities will cause them to re-think and perhaps go else where for the day.

Katie Smith,

Benjamin Greenaway,

Sandra Smith,

Rachel McCulloch,


laura williams,

Mrs Kimberley-Tybee Golding-Tomter,
We need a toilet on the high street especially for the market. however it benefits all the shops trade and the quality of experience to shop on Chats Rd.


j mckenzie,

This is very simple. Keep the public spaces clean means more people traffic means more business for the shops which will then also encourage more community related activities and bring even more people in from outside of Hackney. I'm sure the council have thought of that. Especially nearing Olympics. Keep these toilets.


Emily Ovenden,
Leave our bogs alone!

Katie HAwcroft,

Hackney has already met the governments social housing targets. We don't need additional housing in an area already densely populated where public services such as schools, doctors and dentists are overstretched. As a long time member of this local community I am alarmed and dejected by the loss of so many public and shared facilities - all given over to the development of yet more housing. It smacks of greed and profiteering as opposed to any co-hesive planning that will benefit the whole community.

James Purnell,

Andrea Sinclair,
Come on Hackney Council, show your support of local initiatives by keeping and opening the toilets,thus encouraging the regeneration of Chatsworth Road.

James Cherkoff,
This is a really inspiring project and one that I was delighted to get involved in.

Molly Greenwood,
It becomes more and more important to preserve public buildings and use them for the current (over-populated population) rather than turn them into flats for people that the city - roads, transport system etc - cannot accommodate.

Imani Backes,

Claire Roberson,

Shona Clark,


Daniel Barrett,

Natalie Lasance,
Booo to Hackney Council!

Marcus Hessenberg,
Makes much more sense to use unused shops on the streets and to keep the toilets and use them for there original function, keeping their signs as they are now. Part of the charm of the street are the old signs and the look of an 80's 90's London before renovations took place. Lets not mess it around too much and use what we have.

Jason Broadbent,

Patrick Campbell,

Lucy OReilly,
When is Hackney Council going to realise that it is supposed to represent the people and not just ride roughshod over them?

The attitude of the council is deplorable.

Jack Russell,
Don't defecate on your own doorstep Hackney. Keep the loos!

rosemarie daly,
public toilets help people feel confident to leave their homes for periods of time. Parents with children, pregnant women, people taking diuretic medication, incontinent, colostomy etc. There just aren't enough public toilets in hackney!!! please let more people have the choice of getting out and about in their local area!

Theer is a definite need for a public convenience - why are you not meeting this need? Also, would it not be advisable to make better use of the shops in the area that are lying unused and boarded up before building more?

Fraser Robinson,

Rachel Johnson,

Ive not seen the toilets but live local and know the area.. you should jazz them up.. bright colours, as eco as poss x

Maurizio Di Nino,

Andre Penteado,

IOna Keen,

bog off with your public cuts



Deirdre Cartwright,
Chatsworth Road - plenty of shops, no other toilets.

Save our loos!


Save the toilets! It would be the wrong decision by the council to demolish part of the local history. Surely this building should be heritage listed?

alex black,

Karen Elmes,

Karl Rees,
Hackney Council. please don't stop the renaissance happening in Chatsworth Road; the toilets are vital if the new market is to expand and prosper.

Melanie Venables,

Rushil Patel,
Don't see many around so why get rid of them. We need them for the growing Sunday market!

Nick Waters,

public toilets? Let the public decide.


Louisa Ziane,

lucy hall,
no more private development - hackney needs resources to support community cohesion

Euan Mills,

Martina Dervis,

Re-open the toilets, there are not enough public conveniences

maria cox,
Chatsworth road is in desperate need of support in it's regeneration. The market is a great addition to the area and will need public toilets so it's crazy to loose the existing toilets only to be faced with the need to spend money on building a new block in the future! Also we currently have empty shop spaces on the street so lets not build more just to stand empty, instead we should support what is currently on the street.

We need the toilets to be re opened. Chatsworth Road is a busy shopping street where the public need to be able to access toilets.

Chatsworth Road is becoming a wonderful independent street and the public toilets would be a wonderful addition to the Sunday market.

Jonathan Paige,

Kimberley Golding,
The market is already turning into a great food destination. We should not be pressuring the existing few cafes who have toilets to let hundreds of people use them.. There is also no disabled access to a ground level toilet on the street. Please help us provide this most basic of services to people.

Phil Brunner,
Chatsworth Road needs public toilets or the corners and side streets become the toilets!

Jason Broadbent,

kate Williams,

Simon Payne,


Gilbert Smyth,

MIchael Quinn,

Jennifer Charon,

Malcolm Imrie,

Matt Bonner,

Julia Campbell,

Jon Eastman,
We love out market, please help to improve it for everyone in the area, public toilets are important

gary marjoram,

Mark Roffey,

Fabienne Bonzon,
Public Service First

Annette Hultzsch,


Roisin Therese,

I think a toilets would improve the facilities on Charaworth Road. Both for the shops and the market customers.

A toilet would be an added bonus for users of the shops and market.


Bella Sereno,

Michael Calderbank,
Save the toilets! Flush away the council proposals!

Liane Fredericks,

Kate Simon,


Dave Fergussom,

Chris Buckley,

Ruth Smyth,
Please re open this local amenity for the local people. Chatsworth Road is going through regeneration, driven by the local community, the local council should support and encourage this.

Damon Troth,

Pauline Best,



kal chottai,
please let us have somewhere to relieve ourselves!!!

Bernard James,
essential to keep the toilet

Ashley may,
The outlined plans for development of the site (halving it to accommodate both lavatory facilities and a creative space) sounded like they would add both colour and interest, and a beneficial resource to this excellent road. I sincerely hope that they can still be implemented.

Pedro Reyna,
Please keep the public toilets public and bring them back to life. With the market growing there is a growing need for these to server Chatsworth road

Amy Erickson,

Ashley Parsons,
This amenity is already needed for the revived street market and retaining and investing in it will actually contribute to Chatsworth Road's importance as a local high street. It would be short-sighted to replace them with flats.

Cerian Whiting,

Sam Kincaid,


Michael Bonner,
What they all said.

vanessa unsworth,

Tamsin Hull,

Lillian Farrell,

stefano dell\'aringa,

Andrew Marsh,
Although perhaps not glamorous, I think that the conveniences would aid the area to grow economically and culturally. I feel this kind of long term investment in the area would be a greater benefit to the local community and businesses than the short term gain of privatisation.

Jamie O\'Donnell,

lisa hall,

Ciska Faulkner,
Please consider the young children especially.

Dan Beard,
Please can we open these toelets as it will help Clapton Road

thanks Dan

Sara Turnbull,



Simon Lynn,
important to keep a public facility to support all the positive developments in the street, market and community.

With Chatsworth Road shops and its Saturday market becoming increasingly busy popular, we desperately need to have public toilets available, esp for parents with young children and elderly people. I urge you to re-open them as soon as possible

Celia Coram,
I fully support keeping and restoring the toilets on Brooksby's walk for toilets and community use. This site has been derelict for years and I feel angry that the which was developed years ago is only now interested in the site because the community has come up with its own idea.


Gail Ramster,

once gone they won't be replaced and we'll have people urinating in side streets etc. they are part of the regeneration of the area

Nick Eley,
Let the people pee!!

These loos would make a really big difference to the development of the Chatsworth Road Market and it seems short sighted to get rid of them. The Market is making a really big difference in regenerating the whole road and bringing money into the area. Thanks.







anita freeman,

Emma Freeman,

Paul Smyth,


This is one of the few public assets left in this areas, Homerton hospital should not be allowed to slowly privatise it.

Michael Row,

These facilities are important for improving the area for the community and encouraging people into the area - there are no others nearby, and people coming to the shops and markets with small children need nearby public loos, as do many older people.

Kirsti Weir,


Mia Ayton,

Anne Mehmel,

Shigeki Miyazawa,,
The public toilets are very important!!!